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At Tan Su Ürünleri, quality is not just a priority but a commitment; we meticulously ensure the highest quality in every seafood product. We follow a robust quality policy supported by international standards and certifications, and we place great emphasis on hygiene standards and cold chain management. With a focus on customer satisfaction, we remain dedicated to consistently providing the best products and services.

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At Tan Su Ürünleri, we see trust as the cornerstone of our business. We ensure traceability at every step of our supply chain and protect marine ecosystems with sustainable fishing practices. We work without compromising on food safety and hygiene, and our international certifications support this commitment. Our reliability is proven by years of experience and customer satisfaction. We always aim to provide the freshest and most reliable seafood products.

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At Tan Su Ürünleri, we not only emphasize our environmental awareness but also support our commitment to sustainability principles with concrete actions. Our company adopts policies aimed at reducing our ecological footprint at every step of the supply chain, prioritizing eco-friendly production and logistics solutions. All our employees support this eco-friendly approach, openly demonstrating our company's environmental commitment to the public.

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Real Traceability

Our principle of Real Traceability is one of the core values ​​of our business and aims to provide our customers with reliability by clearly identifying the source of every seafood product we offer. Our barcode system records every step of the product's supply chain, providing customers with complete transparency and confidence in the quality of our products. Additionally, through this traceability approach, we prioritize our role as an environmentally responsible business by contributing to the sustainability of natural resources. Therefore, we continuously strive to both provide our customers with reliable products and fulfill our responsibility to the environment.

Balık yetiştiriciliği: Bir balık çiftliğinde çeşitli balık türlerinin yetiştirildiği tanklar ve havuzlar.
Balık işleme tesisi içinde çalışan işçiler ve işlenmiş balıkların bulunduğu bir görüntü.
Paketlenmiş somon fileto ürünü.

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Future and Innovation
in Seafood Processing

At Tan Su Ürünleri, we embrace innovation as a core value in seafood processing. While providing our customers with the highest quality products, we continuously enhance our production processes with modern and environmentally friendly technologies. In our state-of-the-art processing facilities, we utilize the latest techniques to preserve the freshness and nutritional value of our products, extending their shelf life with advanced cooling and packaging systems to ensure freshness. We implement these innovations using green energy, ensuring environmentally friendly production with solar panels, electric vehicles, and robotic machinery. Through our e-commerce platform, we offer customers a fast and reliable shopping experience, while our digital marketing strategies ensure that our products reach wide audiences. 

By investing heavily in R&D efforts, we continuously improve our products and processes, offering our customers a wider range of innovative products. We reduce plastic consumption and offer recyclable packaging solutions by using environmentally friendly packaging materials. We continuously research new methods to minimize the environmental impact of our packaging. As a result, we aim to lead in sustainability and innovation, maintaining environmentally friendly and quality production in the seafood industry with our future-oriented steps and innovative approaches. While providing our customers with the best products, we strengthen our commitment to nature and society every day.


We respect nature with environmentally friendly packaging.


We adopt an environmentally friendly production approach by preferring green energy.


We provide fast and reliable service to our customers through with a strong e-commerce infrastructure.

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